New Year's Evil OAM Episode 12

We watched New Year’s Evil: a slasher without the slashing, a murder mystery without the mystery and a weird panty hose chewing Grant Cramer. Roz Kelly is a workaholic single mom hosting Hollywood Hotline, a totally 80s New Year’s TV special. The show gets off to a rocky start when a mysterious caller confesses his new year’s resolution is to kill at midnight. Hi-jinks ensue as a bland killer kills bland people for convoluted reasons and something about time-zones. After our review of New Year’s Evil we introduce a new annual segment, One Good Thing, where we briefly praise Brawl in Cell Block 99 and Spider-Man: Homecoming.


  • The atmosphere oozed more 80’s than cocaine, chain wallets and hair-metal combined.
  • Failed to follow through with enough on-screen kills.
  • The decision to reveal the killer’s identity 10 minutes in left us baffled.
  • The voice-modulated phone calls are pure comedy gold.
  • Roz Kelly was as bland as a saltine cracker.
  • By far the second best movie we watched in 2017 for this podcast.
  • Grant Cramer’s world-class potrayal of Derrick the freak deserved more screen-time.
  • Surprised no-one with its “big” twist.
  • Killed our interest in New Year’s Eve themed cinema.
  • Entertained us for roughly two-thirds of its runtime.
  • The main characters actions consisted of staying inside of a hotel for the entire movie.


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