Hectic Knife makes our heads explode – OAM#014

Today we dive deep into the ultra-low budget splatter superhero comedy Hectic Knife. Peter Litvin plays Hectic Knife who uses the martial style of Hectic Knife to stab bad guys and pursue Piggly Doctor, a villain that blows up children. We didn’t think it could get that weird, but it did. Afterwards we play a quick round of Made-Up-Movies and reflect on our decision to continue the podcast.

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Home Alone 4 shatters our Christmas spirit – OAM#009

We are horrified to inform you that we’ve watched Home Alone 4 AKA Home Alone: Taking Back The House. Nine weeks in and we don’t know how much longer the podcast can continue. Kevin McAllister and his family are body snatched and replaced with bad actors and worse writing in this insult to the original. After our childhood is ruined we complain about sequels in a new segment called This Week in Disappointment.

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Thank God for Thankskilling – OAM#007

In a departure from previous weeks we celebrate the holiday with the ultra-low budget slasher comedy Thankskilling. We discuss this awfully offensive good-bad movie that doesn’t overstay its welcome with a tight run time just over 60 minutes. Why can’t more terrible movies be this fun? After our Thankskilling review we take a look at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest film, Rampage. Will this giant CGI animal filled movie make waves at the box office or sink like a rock?

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Ryde is the ride-sharing app horror movie nobody asked for – OAM#006

We grab our criticism filled shotguns and take aim at Ryde. In this direct-to-video horror film we learn ride-sharing apps can kill both people and screenplays. After our review of Ryde we tackle an IMDB conspiracy theory. How did Ryde get a 7.0 on IMDB? Somebody paid for it. Join us as we unravel this mystery and more in our angriest episode yet.

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Geostorm forces Gerard Butler to be American – OAM#004

Unfortunately we saw Geostorm. Gerard Butler fails to blow us away in his latest conspiracy theory thriller sci-fi disaster movie. After we express our distaste for Geostorm we play a game of Made-Up Movies.

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Open Water Spooktacular – OAM #003

In this spooky Halloween episode we discuss the absence of cage diving in Open Water 3: Cage Dive, rant about pervs in Hollywood and name our top 5 Halloween movies.

Show Notes

We continue our trend of watching increasingly awful cinema with Open Water 3: Cage Dive. Danny fires shots at the generic cast of characters, shoddy camerawork and painful pacing. Why do bad movie posters continually lie? Mark demands answers to this question and more during the first 50 minutes of the spooktacular. After we finish complaining about Open Water 3 we move on to complain about Hollywood’s nasty open secrets. When will enough be enough? Once the upbeat mood of the podcast is destroyed the gang wraps up the episode by listing off their top 5 Halloween films.

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